Biocare Aqua Systems manufacture and supply the best quality Filter Media in reasonable cost. We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Industrial Filter with the high quality of raw material used as per the industry requirement .

Filter Media

  • Quartz silica sand/natural pebbles
  • Activated carbon/Anthracite
  • Ion exchange resins (Cation, anion, mixed bed and specific purpose resins)

Water Test Kits

  • Hardness test kit (titration method)
  • Residual chlorine test kit
  • Alkalinity test kit
  • H2S vials
  • Multiple parameters test kit
  • SDI test kit for RO
  • Alkaline Cartridge Filter
  • Rainwater harvesting filters
  • SS Micron filters
  • Stainless Steel Storage Water Tanks
  • Alkaline jug
  • Automatic water softeners



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